Free Home Septic System Stress Test - Umatilla Morrow County OR

Westfall Septic Residential Stress Test

A home septic system stress test can help identify problems before they lead to costly septic repairs – or even worse, a complete septic system failure. Only

Westfall Septic offers a FREE 28-point Septic Stress Test with every home visit.

Westfall Septic’s FREE 28-point Septic Stress Test evaluates the following septic tank components to uncover any potential system failures, saving residential customers in Oregon and Washington thousands of dollars. In addition to identifying your tank material and the size of your septic tank, Westfall Septic also ensures that all materials are up to DEQ code. As part of the test, we also check the condition of all septic tank and pump materials to uncover any potential of system failure.
Other evaluation metrics included in this FREE Septic Stress Test include:

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Westfall Septic offers FREE septic system testing in the following Oregon areas within Umatilla County and Morrow County: Hermiston • Lexington • Pendalton • Stanfield • Echo • Heppner • Adams • Athena • Helix • Milton-Freewater • Pilot Rock • Ukiah • Umatilla • Weston • Boardman • Ione • Irrigon • and more

Updated: January 16, 2014