Septic System Maintenance in Oregon - Umatilla, Morrow County

Home Septic Maintenance Now can Prevent Big Expenses Later.

Westfall Septic offers residential septic system maintenance for Oregon households.

Did you know your home septic system can be one of the most expensive single components of your house? Residential septic system replacement costs start at $5,000 and can reach $25,000. This potential expense is why Westfall Septic offers our residential customers an affordable septic tank maintenance program. Regular septic maintenance from Westfall Septic will keep your home's system working well and will prevent future problems - not to mention big household expenses.

The frequency and type of maintenance your household needs depends on the type and complexity of your home septic system. Simple gravity-fed systems only need basic maintenance, such as an inspection and/or pumping, once every couple of years. Complex systems such as sand filter systems and alternative septic treatment technology systems might need maintenance as often as every six months. 

Remember, a septic system is a “living organism” that needs regular care. Waste material builds up in the tank and drain field, and must be removed periodically to keep your septic system running smoothly. With regular septic inspections and upkeep, your system will serve you and you household well for many years to come.

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Westfall Septic maintains and repairs home septic systems in the following Oregon areas: Hermiston, Umatilla County, Morrow County

Updated: January 14, 2014